A Leader’s Reflection Log – Week 7

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Intro – what is this and why?

I strongly believe that to improve as a leader or at anything in this life you need to reflect on yourself. You need to be willing to dig up those failures and put them up on a wall to analyse what you did wrong, why you did it and what you could do better. This is what I plan on doing using this blog. Every week I am going to dive into my work as a leader and identify where I can improve. I will be honest in order to learn and to hopefully inspire others to learn and grow as well.

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The good

This week was a pretty good week. I had a good chat with my own coach (I would recommend it if you don’t already have one, check this out if you are interested) and discussed my new role and it’s new direction and challenges. When talking through this with my coach I was able to identify potential blind spots and areas of uncertainty. Understanding uncertainty can help you see your next steps in a new light and provide a platform for you to uncover hidden facts that can increase your chances of success (read more about this philosophy here). The more questions you ask, the more likely you are to find the right answer.

The bad

I got some great feedback this week that highlighted something I didn’t think was an issue for me. Often that is the case with humans. We can be blinded to our own faults, even though we might identify those very things in others. It was brought to my attention this week that I love having control and will often take it when I feel I am losing control of a situation. The problem with control is, often in the business world we take it from others. When we take control, we often take trust along with it. Sometimes it is harder to stand back and not take control. Sometimes it is harder to trust someone else to do what you feel you can do quicker or better. Part of that might be true, part of it might be the ego talking but taking control from someone is the opposite of empowerment. By stealing control and trust you can take away the opportunity the person has to learn, grow, develop and increase their chances of success in the world. I need to ensure I keep this in check. Now that it has been highlighted as an issue I can come back and review myself periodically and ensure that taking control of a situation doesn’t happen at the detriment to those I lead by breaking their trust.

The ugly



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