A Leader’s Reflection Log – Week 5

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Intro – what is this and why?

I strongly believe that to improve as a leader or at anything in this life you need to reflect on yourself. You need to be willing to dig up those failures and put them up on a wall to analyse what you did wrong, why you did it and what you could do better. This is what I plan on doing using this blog. Every week I am going to dive into my work as a leader and identify where I can improve. I will be honest in order to learn and to hopefully inspire others to learn and grow as well.

The good

You may remember that in last weeks post I said that I had hit the top 10 most viewed writers in the Leadership Development category on Quora… Well, I am now also in the top 10 for Leadership and Leadership and Management too!

I have spent this week really trying to engage with people on social media and provide value to questions and posts where appropriate. Hopefully there has been some value add to the people on the receiving end but actually, it has been a really good way for me to reflect on what is important and what my thoughts are. Being able to teach and put across your point of view in a varied number of words across different social media platforms means you can really build a solid foundation of knowledge.

The bad

So this week I was ambushed by an unforeseen issue. The problem is this issue was something that could have so easily been mitigated. Instead, I ended up wasting an hour and a half with a client trying to resolve the issue before even getting to the main reason for my being there. This highlights the importance of challenging assumptions from multiple angles and in this case, I probably didn’t do enough of that. Not only did I not ask enough questions to ensure I was fully prepared, I didn’t open it up to others to ask questions from their perspectives.

The ugly


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