A Leader’s Reflection Log – Week 4

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Intro – what is this and why?

I strongly believe that to improve as a leader or at anything in this life you need to reflect on yourself. You need to be willing to dig up those failures and put them up on a wall to analyse what you did wrong, why you did it and what you could do better. This is what I plan on doing using this blog. Every week I am going to dive into my work as a leader and identify where I can improve. I will be honest in order to learn and to hopefully inspire others to learn and grow as well.

The good

This week I have spent a lot of time on Quora answering leadership questions and I managed to rank in the top 10 most viewed writers for leadership development! Awesome! I really do enjoy sharing my knowledge so I am glad lots of people get to see it and that some might even find it useful.

The bad

So this week my wife gave me a good nugget of wisdom. One of the things I value most about my wife is that she gives me candid feedback – she doesn’t beat around the bush and just says it. I was with a friend and he asked for some advice regarding an issue he was facing at work. I thought I handled it pretty well and gave some sound advice. Following the conversation, I went on a lovely walk with my wife and she said that actually, she didn’t think that was the case. She said that I jumped into an answer too quickly. I didn’t have all the facts yet I proposed a solution. She was right. I didn’t dig deep enough. I let my ego take the lead instead of accepting uncertainty and trying to uncover as many hidden facts as I could. Essentially I didn’t walk the talk from my previous post about better decision making (find it here).

The ugly


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