A Leader’s Reflection Log – Week 2 July 2018

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Intro – what is this and why?

I strongly believe that to improve as a leader or at anything in this life you need to reflect on yourself. You need to be willing to dig up those failures and put them up on a wall to analyse what you did wrong, why you did it and what you could do better. This is what I plan on doing using this blog. Every week I am going to dive into my work as a leader and identify where I can improve. I will be honest in order to learn and to hopefully inspire others to learn and grow as well.

The good

This week I had an interview for an internal project post to take on the role of a relationship manager in a large change programme. I haven’t done an interview in a long time so I was pretty nervous about it. I then got a text from my wife asking why I don’t try my power poses described in my last post. So I did, and it worked! I held a victory pose as if I had just won the race of my life. I felt a lot less nervous and a lot more confident. I gave a good impression and managed to land the role.

The bad

This week I failed to achieve one of my goals in relation to this blog. One of my goals was to do sufficient weekly research to write 2 blog posts a week (not including reflections). This would allow me to build up a nice stash of posts that I can go through, refine and schedule for publication. This week I haven’t been able to achieve that goal – in fact, I have written no additional posts. I have, however, been able to do plenty of research, note-taking, podcast listening and answering various questions on Quora.

Next week I will pivot my goal to just one post to allow me some wiggle room. I will report back and see how I do next week. Failure is a chance for optimisation and improvement.

The pugly

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